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The top cross-section levers located over wheels, provide possibility of the device of the big luggage carrier. The directing system of a suspension bracket of a wheel is provided with two triangular cross-section levers with additional стрежневым the lever from each party. Shock-absorbers and screw springs are united for economy of a place in amortisation racks. Brake system with ABS The serial system of antiblocking of the fifth generation with electronic distribution of brake effort EBV provides high stability of braking in the most different traffic conditions and does unnecessary a mechanical regulator of brake effort. As electronic control ABS possesses much more sensitive reaction, than a mechanical regulator of brake effort it is used essentially больший an adjustment range. To provide stability of movement also at braking on turns, the share of brake effort on a back axis should be lowered. EBV distinguishes by means of gauges of frequency of rotation ABS, whether moves Audi A4 rectilinearly or passes turn. On turn brake pressure upon back wheels decreases. Thanks to it back wheels can give the maximum effort of lateral withdrawal. The electronic mechanism of blocking of differential EDS EDS it is serially established on all models А4 quattro and enters in спецкомплектацию frontdrivers models with four-cylinder engines with working volume from 1,8 l. At electronic blocking of differential EDS in all-wheel drive models it is a question of purposeful frictional coupling to three wheels, in front-wheel cars – one wheel. At the expense of it at трогании from a place in extreme conditions, for example at slippery road, the maximum draught is provided. Electronic adjustment of proslipping of wheels ASR In front-wheel models А4 with engines V6 with working volume 2,6 and 2,8 l in quality спецкомплектации for draught improvement are offered electronic adjustment of proslipping of wheels ASR which possesses also all functions EDS. If EDS includes purposeful frictional coupling for draught improvement electronic adjustment of proslipping of wheels ASR if necessary provides additional intervention in engine management.