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The chosen range of change of transfer number joins only in positions of the lever-selector «1» and «R». If the signal about number of turns of the engine and speed does not arrive also pressing of a pedal of an accelerator for the first time exceeds value ѕ, the transmission is switched to a step «N», i.e. There is no drive more. By deenergizing of ignition and new start of the engine you can try to make active a transmission again. Emergency course Transmission 5-NR-18 The transmission has different modes of an emergency course depending on character of malfunction: At insignificant failure movement is carried out on other program of a gear change. At defect in a mechanical part of knot of a gear change during movement the transmission remains included on 4th step. Then after engine deenergizing 3rd range of change of transfer number joins just. Check of an automatic transmission The automatic transmission practically does not leave to the fan of possibilities for its initiative. But purposeful check will help to localise malfunction that not in the last instance is of interest at purchase of the second-hand car: In the presence of malfunction first of all check up level ATF in a transmission. If ATF on probeе for its measurement smells burnt there is a heavy damage of a transmission. In this case brake tapes or coupling plates can be defective. At a trial trip you can check up gear change points. How there is a gear change process, gives the information on a transmission condition. Adjustment of a cable throttle заслонки with the integrated mechanism of switching by sharp pressing of a pedal of gas is the important condition of a faultless operating mode. The same concerns adjustment of a cable of the lever-selector. Estimation of process of a gear change During a trial trip you can pay the attention to gear change process: Switching on higher transfer: at partially wrung out pedal of gas transfer change almost is not felt; at full gas or sharp pressing a pedal of gas transitions become more distinct, but higher transfer should seize always softly. Short increase of frequency of rotation of the engine at transfer change specifies in defect which should be studied more attentively. Switching on lower transfer: without gas (at качении ) it is hardly notable on very low speeds. The push at switching on a backing on partial or full gas is normal. Return switching without gas the lever-selector lasts one-two seconds.